Digital Jukebox Hire Sydney


A party without music is like a cup of coffee without caffeine. Just an outright abomination.

One of the best ways to ensure you that you don't make that mistake is by hiring a digital jukebox from the professionals at Aurora Digital Jukeboxes.

We are the leading digital jukebox hire company in Sydney and our range of digital jukeboxes are perfect for all events including birthday parties, class reunions, weddings, company dinners and any type of celebration you can think of.


No Awkward Silences!

Our digital jukebox hire service is great for non-stop music at your event as our jukeboxes come with a random/shuffle feature which is activated automatically when there are no songs selected. This guarantees that there will be no awkward silence at your party and that the music will continue all night long.

All our digital jukebox options are crammed with more than 15,000 hits songs that go all the way back to the 1950s up to today's top 40 chart sizzlers. The digital jukeboxes also have a wide selection of video clips as well as a karaoke function to bring the night's entertainment to the next level.

Additionally our digital jukebox models come with a superb 300-watt speaker system that will not crackle at high volumes, four microphones for team karaoke serenades, iPod connectivity, external TV connectivity and so much more.

For your convenience, our digital jukebox hire service is available seven days a week. We guarantee only the best machines at affordable prices, which include free delivery, setup and collection once the party is over.


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You can depend on our professionalism for the best customer service and value as we have been in digital jukebox hire business for 10 years and counting. So the next time you want to have non-stop music at your party, call Aurora Digital Jukeboxes and let us bring on the music.