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Old things certainly have a way of putting us back in touch with treasured lost things of value from the past, and with jukebox hire you are promised treasured moments from the past and the present.

During the depression, people could put a nickel into a jukebox and be able to listen to songs and escape for a few minutes from the terrible aura surrounding the depression. When Automated Musical Instruments Inc developed an amplifier in 1927 for jukeboxes, the popularity of jukeboxes knew no bounds. These magical jukeboxes were found in diners, arcades, restaurants, dance clubs and bars, blasting out their awesome tunes, and today your next bash can be just as exciting and you can also belt out all your favourites non stop.

Something Borrowed, Something New

There came a time when people tried to dispose of lots of old things to make place for the new, but these days jukeboxes have been resurrected because of their special, unique qualities. Want to bring some nostalgia to your 1950/1960's party? Jukebox hire will quickly bring depth, colour, humor and fascination to your event and put everybody at your party in touch with a golden time.

Take your pick from Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, REM, Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber and any of your favourites, from the nostalgic past to the trendy music scene of the present. Choose from Country, Rock 'n Roll, R&B, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Jazz and more, bringing a whole new dimension to any event.

Lots of Value-Added Perks

The beauty of hiring a jukebox from a fully insured company is that it can also be delivered to your door along with additional party equipment. With a jukebox package you can really help your party to rock because the jukeboxes are always well maintained and with every installation, they provide training on the fantastic capabilities of the machine.

Sydney Jukebox Hire covers the entire Sydney area, and their amazing frozen cocktail machines will produce delights like Fruit Tingle, Pina Colada, Margarita, and a host of others. With cups and straws included, your party will pulsate from the moment it starts.

For kids and teen parties, jukebox hire is always a huge success because the frozen cocktail machines mean that if you are planning a birthday party or any special event, you don't have to fork out money for hiring a DJ, and you get a whole lot of fun added in as well as giving any party a special feel to it.

The Latest and Trendiest in Jukebox Hire.

Today you get The Video Jukebox that can play all the favorite hits from the 50's all they way up to the present. These jukeboxes are also updated with the latest video clips each month and they can also switch to being a Karaoke machine. The software allows you to take your pick from the touchscreen and select certain artists, song tracks or albums that appeal to you. In fact these new digital jukeboxes have the capability to download all kinds of music. Jukebox hire always means choices for a host of different events and different budgets.


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