The ADJ3 Fully Customisable Touch Screen Jukebox



We have released the ADJ3! The ADJ3 is the most compact and complete jukebox in Australia today. With features so advanced that you will never look at jukeboxes the same again.

The technology we have employed in the new jukeboxes doesn't mean you will have to be a rocket scientist to use them. We have ensured these jukeboxes have more functions and allow you more control than ever before.

The ADJ3 jukebox allows you to play audio karaoke and original video clips the music is fully licensed through ARIA and APRA. Different size music packages are available to suit your budget Monthly music updates are also available on request (Either Audio,Karaoke and Video are available on a disc.)


The Design


The cabinets are super tough, made out of steel and come powder coated. You have a wide variety of choice when it comes to the colour of the powder coating so you can have jukeboxes that are attractive and cater for various different occassions.

Unlike other jukeboxes on the market that are bulky, heavy and take up loads of room, the ADJ3 jukeboxes are light weight, slimline and very stable. The ADJ3 jukebox is a full stand alone unit so no need to find a table to put it on like some other machines. These features combined with our patented design make the jukebox stand out from the rest. You know you wont be buying an ugly, unattractive jukebox that looks like it has been made by bolting two square boxes together.


The Technology


One of the main features that makes the ADJ3 stand out from the rest is the 17" LCD touch panel monitor. Not compromising on quality we have gone with a full glass monitor that is the toughest and most reliable on the market. No more clunky buttons and being touch screen, allows for so many more features which we have included in these machines.

The heart of the machine is an up to date intel pentium driven small factor PC. The amplification is true 300 watts stereo with 7 band graphic equaliser.admin

The brains of the operation is the new ADJ3 touch screen integrated software. With this software you are able to fully configure many features of the jukebox. By using the hidden security touchpad you are able to enter the administrators mode which will allow you to change many of the options.


For example:keypad

  • Turning the coin mechanism on and off
  • Setting the coin values eg. $1 for 1 song or $2 for 3 songs. You can choose the pricing.
  • Enable or disable different decades of music
  • Enable or disable random play, and if one or all decades is be included in the random function.
  •  Enable or disable audio, karaoke and video.
  • Choose the way people can clear songs.
  • Our jukebox has a unique feature when playing karaoke or  video clips. Other jukeboxes prevent you from viewing and selecting songs while any video is playing, not the ADJ3. We have included the ability for you to reduce the video screen to a 10cm x 10cm window which will still allow you to see the video but also allow you to search and choose songs. As you can see the ADJ3 functionality is by far the most user friendly on the market.
  • 4 microphone inputs with their own volume controls
  • A TV out connection (second screen)is also standard on the ADJ3.
  • (optional extra) remote control for volume and mute.(optional extra) coin validator for pubs, clubs and fundraisers.


Dimensions:coin slot

  • Weight 80kg
  • Height 1600mm
  • Depth 400mm
  • Width 500mm