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Ever since karaoke burst on to the scene here in the late 1980s, Australians have never looked back. People just love to demonstrate their singing prowess and karaoke systems are now one of the most common machines that people hire to provide entertainment at parties.

If you are looking to hire a karaoke machine in Sydney, Aurora Digital Jukeboxes are proud to offer our advanced karaoke machines that have been specially designed to fit almost anywhere.

Our custom-designed karaoke machines are just 1.6m high and have a space-saving 600mm x 500mm footprint so your guests will have more room to strut their stuff.

Despite their slimline profile, all our hire karaoke machine options are crammed with more karaoke music video hits, certified hit songs and connection options that you can shake a microphone at. And speaking of microphones, we provide four microphones with each and every of our karaoke machines because we believe that the joy of singing is better experienced when done in a group.


Lights, Screens, Everything

Apart from that, our jukebox karaoke machines have intelligent party lights, built-in screens and our ADJ3 can also be connected to larger TV screens for a better experience. Have you had a hire karaoke machine that looked good but had weak speakers that crackled when the sound was turned up? You will have no such problems with our ADJ2 and ADJ3 jukebox karaoke machines as these bad boys boast non-distorting 300 watt speakers that simply sound amazing.

Our hire karaoke machines in Sydney are suitable for all occasions including children's birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, class reunions and even business dinners. They are easy to use and you will find it a cinch to navigate through the song lists to find the ones you are looking for.

All our karaoke machines also double up as jukeboxes which have thousands of songs that range from the classics to latest chart toppers. Feel free to browse our karaoke video selections as well song lists on our website.


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