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It has been said that music brings people together and that it is one of the greatest tools of communication. It's also the best social lubricant at parties as it allows people to loosen up and have a good time. After all, have you ever experienced the awkwardness when the music stops at a party?

While having a jukebox that plays non-stop music can prevent that, you can also take things a step further by having your guests provide the entertainment. What are we talking about? A karaoke party of course!

Aurora Digital Jukeboxes are one of leaders in karaoke hire in Sydney and all our advanced digital music jukeboxes come with karaoke functions if you want your guests to have a ball belting out their favourite tunes or imitate their favourite singers.


Khe Sahn Karaoke   Billie Jean Karaoke


Our karaoke hire service is a great for all sorts of events such birthdays, anniversaries, holiday gatherings, class reunions, corporate events or if you just want to have a karaoke party.

Fully Featured Karaoke Machines

Our karaoke hire machines come with all the features to make your karaoke party a success. Our ADJ2 and ADJ3 karaoke jukeboxes come with more than 3000 karaoke music video hits so you and your guests are sure to find a list of songs that you like.

Our machines are perfect for any space as they small enough to fit in any area (they measure 1600mm x 500mm x 600mm) but have 300 watt non-distorting speakers for unsurpassed sound quality.

We provide four microphones which are perfect for group performances. Apart from that our karaoke hire machines are guaranteed to kick your karaoke party into high gear with their intelligent LED disco party lights that illuminate according to the beats of the music played. They also have a user-friendly navigation system, built-in screens and can also be hooked up to larger TV screens for a better karaoke party experience.


Break Free Karaoke   Time Warp Karaoke   Hotel California Karaoke


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